We believe we offer good value for money for freelancers and small businesses compared to employing staff on a part-time basis.

Standard rates
Hourly rate £24.00
Day rate (7.5 hours) £165.00
Audio transcription £0.65 – £1.00 per audio minute
Monthly packages
5 hours per month £110.00
10 hours per month £220.00

We use a time sheet system so you only pay for the time we spend working for you.

You do not pay for: breaks, lunch breaks, holidays, training, recruitment costs, pensions, NI, staff IT etc…

By using us you will free up your time so you can focus on things other than administration, whether that’s winning new clients, developing new ideas or spending more time with your family.

Want to have a short trial to see if you like what we do? You can purchase two hours of our time, get us to do a piece of work for you in that time and then assess whether you think it was worth it.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a price quote.