The one piece of stationery I must have

Besides the obvious essentials (laptop, printer, paper, pens, stapler…) my label maker is one piece of equipment which I find invaluable. I use a DYMO Letratag (approx £25).2015-07-20 14.31.31

I use my label maker in my office to organise my paperwork, filing, stationery and materials. It’s the first thing I pack when I’m going to a client’s house to set up their office systems. (I also use it around the house to the hilarity of my family.)

Why use a label maker?

  • A printed label looks much neater than handwriting and is easier to read
  • Labelling things clearly makes them easier to find, making a tidier workplace and reducing your stress (because you can find things more easily)
  • Labels provide a consistent, professional look – useful when taking files out for a meeting with a client, for example
  • Printed labels are clear and don’t fade as quickly as ink

10 things to label using a label maker:

  1. Client files2015-07-20 14.26.45
  2. Your admin files
  3. Tabs on suspension files in filing cabinet
  4. In-tray, out-tray
  5. Recycling and shredding boxes
  6. Desk drawers and book shelves
  7. Electrical plugs
  8. Used notebooks (add the date range of when you used the notebook for easy 2015-07-20 14.30.20reference)
  9. Archive boxes (include the contents and date archived)
  10. Personal belongings (e.g. I do this when taking my own training materials to a training session)

What is your must-have stationery?

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