Make admin easier with checklists

Checklists are my favourite tool for making regular office tasks easier. Checklists:

  • Save you time
  • Standardise how you do things
  • Make sure you don’t forget anything
  • Help you to provide a consistent service
Click to download meeting checklist

Click to download meeting checklist

Planning meetings is a task which is made infinitely easier if you have a checklist system in place. Whether you’re planning a small informal meeting or something much larger you will need to consider the same issues each time. By using a checklist you will provide a consistent experience to whoever you’re meeting, look professional and organised, and save running around making sure everything has been done.

Download your customisable copy of my meetings checklist template here (Word document).

Some other common tasks which are made easier with a checklist:

  1. Client visits (eg agenda, documents, actions)
  2. New client packs (eg contract, terms and conditions, standard documents)
  3. Induction for new staff (eg organisation charts, maps, contact numbers, visits, policies)

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